Next step when design fails

After designing and developing a productivity application the user experience wasn't able to impress a wider audience. In this case when the UX design has flaws what is the next step to take as UX designers? Let's discuss.... read more

Let the muse take over you

What you really want is to forget to think. You want to forget to create. Forget to write or love. What you really want is only to react to your intuitions and let the ghost take you over.... read more

Implementing Snap Carousel in SwiftUI

The best part about SwiftUI is that for developers it enables us to move at a lightning speed which means we can spend more time thinking about the user experience and design side of the things and build better products.... read more

I embarked upon a journey to cross my lane and learn design and user experience and open myself to new ideas and meet new people. While I am nowhere near the journey's end, I did manage to pick some fundamentals along the way for UI design that will help me for the days to come.... read more

The best presentations

How can you improve your keynotes slides to maximize the chances of your message to get across? There are principles to cognitively and psychologically improve and optimize your keynotes slides.... read more

Levelling up in life

Life is an evolving challenge. Like a video game each year has its own thrill. Every episode has its own excitement. After every struggle there is reward and after every victory there is hardship ready to spice things up again. For this new year let's remember this.... read more

My takeaway from working with SwiftUI

SwiftUI, the apples new UI framework, came out on a good time for me. I saw a nice Dribbble shot with the app concept to calculate the budgets of future plans like trips, shopping, etc. I decided to implement it with SwiftUI apples new UI framework to test what it has to offer.... read more

Beautiful Designs

How do you go about and create mind-blowing products and where do beautiful designs come from? This question is what I ask myself everytime time I stumble on a beautiful design. The answer I found is trivial in its wording but very powerful in its meaning... read more

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