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This weeks read

To launch or not to launch?
How the internet created an opportunity and a dilemma

This weeks design inspiration

A clean and pleasant design by Ghani Pradita on Dribbble

Dribbble - Tan Mau's blur series

This weeks design Resources


As a new designer, I often forget the value of simple san sarif fonts like halvatica. Let's mention it today and read this guide to where and how to use halvatica font to make the most impact on your design.



  1. FF8F83 (red scale)
  2. EB5F6D (red scale)
  3. 3F3D56 (grey scale)


Figma finding? (I still don't know what to call this section lol)

You can apply a layout grid on a frame while working in Figma. Grids are helpful to pre define your margins and paddings. The elements inside will snap to grid which makes your design more consistent. Note that the items won't snap if they are not a direct child to the frame layout grid is applied to.

Dribbble - Tan Mau's blur series

This weeks design shot

This is where I will share my design practice for the week. I am aiming to atleast design one shot to share with you all.

Dribbble - Tan Mau's blur series

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