Remember the last time you played a video game? Video games can be fun. They help us unplug. Allow us to release stress and bring us together with our friends. Above all, video games tell us a story. As we progress in the game our character levels up. We get stronger and our weapons advance. However, with the progression, the antagonists that we play against also get tougher and harder to beat.

This is because if the difficulties we faced were the same throughout the play-through we would have it all too easy and the game won't be fun to play anymore. In a game as a player, time and again, we feel like we are barely making it to the next level until we do. The game of life is similar to this notion.

Each year we level up.

We gain new experiences. We figure new things out. We feel like we are ready to take on anything life has to offer until we find ourselves in a circumstance which is difficult to handle. Suddenly everything is back to square one. Things we know don't seem to work anymore. We have no idea how we can deal with this new phantom.

This is because life is an evolving challenge. Like a video game each year has its own thrill. Every episode has its own excitement. After every struggle there is a reward and after every victory there is hardship ready to spice things up again.

For this new year let's remember this. Let's remember the good; which cannot exist without the bad. Let's remember the happiness; which wont be fun without sadness. Let's remember our successes; which would mean nothing without the failures and hardships that we all have been through. Let us remember how everything in life is beautiful because it is impermanent.

Everything is impermanent because it is balanced.

Much like a video game.