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011 | It doesn't work that way

Recapping what happened last week, our team decided to move away from Figma as a design tool and work with Invision for requirement gathering and wireframing steps of the process. After using the invision freehand tool I was quite surprised to find what you can do with it. In the end tools are always about what moves the team forward... read more

009 | Until next week ;)

This Week In NoteworthyDesignHere is the list of design related resources, ideas and news that you may find interesting. (1) Case study - 3 reward structures Spotify uses to keep you listening (2) Article - 31 things you shouldn’t say to a UX Designer (explained with GIFs) (3) Article - The... read more

There is a task in my "daily reminder" todo list which says to speak up and ask for help. Two things that I have always struggled with, and I still struggle with even though I have it written as a task that I have to perform everyday.... read more

006 | Design Engineering

In todays tech scene the ability to quickly innovate, experiment, and iterate can mean the difference between success and failure. However, coming up with innovative solutions without room to explore, experiment, and iterate can be a challenge. That’s why many companies are starting to create hybrid roles to bridge the gap between design and engineering. This role is perfectly... read more

005 | Writing online

This week I wrote a step by step guide on How to self deploy a Ghost blog in 3 easy steps — the blogging platform this website is built on top of. I also discuss how you can setup (1) free image hosting, (2) cloudflare CDN and (3) a mailing API for sending out newsletter just like this one.... read more

004 | I wish somebody told me

I want to mention a post I stumbled upon written by Ira Glass on people who do creative work. I think if you're creative and struggling this post can mean alot of things! Let's jump into the noteworthy things I found this week. Design relatedInspiration ResourcesTypeface NewSansAeonikHelvatica NowColors 5CA99C (green scale)50968A (green scale)85C3B8 (green scale)Figma!I knew... read more

001 | Noteworthy

Welcome to the first issue of Noteworthy where I will be sharing interesting design resources; like colors, typefaces, design tips and tricks every week for free!... read more

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